Lady Gaga Walks The Red Carpet In An Egg

Lady Gaga arrives to the 2011 Grammys in an Egg.

Inside The Egg, Lady Gaga Is Set To Make An Entrance.

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Lady Gaga performed her hit “Born This Way” at the 2011 Grammy Awards show, emerging from an egg onstage at the beginning of the performance. The egg used in the show, however, is not the egg she arrived in.

In an obvious publicity stunt, Lady Gaga arrives to the Staples Center in an egg vaguely similar to the one she used in the performance later. The egg was carried in, like a sedan chair from a bygone era, by four men. She was also accompanied by two women. The men and one woman wore gold flowing costumes, or tight short shorts. The other woman was dressed all in black.

The egg used in the show had a door made up of sections that were pulled backwards, leaving an opening for Lady Gaga to step out. If you look closely at the egg in this video, you will see there are no sections. In fact, it looks as though there is a lid that was glued into place and that the egg had to be broken, literally, for the woman inside to get out of the egg.

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