My Own Guilty Pleasure: Listening To Josh Groban

Josh Groban Singing Galileo On Ellen

On Ellen, Josh Groban Sings 'Galileo' From His New Album, 'Illuminations'

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Josh Groban Sings ‘Galileo’ On Ellen”

Last week was “Guilty Pleasures Week” on DWTS, as each of the stars danced to a song they considered a guilty pleasure. That got me thinking, what are some of my own guilty pleasures, besides watching Dancing With The Stars: Euphoria Chocolate truffles, Sudoku, and listening to Josh Groban sing.

Like Gayle King, I’ve got a crush on Josh. I’ve had a crush since I first saw him sing ‘The Prayer’ with Charlotte Church on the holiday special ‘A Home For The Holidays’, in December 2001. My better half is a big fan of Charlotte’s, so when she came on, he insisted I come watch.

Moments later, Josh walked on to the stage. By the end of the song, I was hooked! (We both were, truth be told.) I had no clue who he was, but I didn’t stay clueless for long. And his rendition of ‘The Prayer’ with Charlotte Church remains one of my all time favorite songs.

This video is from a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Josh wowed Ellen and the audience with the song ‘Galileo’, off his fifth and latest album release, ‘Illuminations’. Be sure and crank up the volume while you listen!

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