What’s On Your Wishlist? Bizarre Gifts Aplenty

USB Flash Drive, Cheetah Transformer

This Cheetah Transformer Toy Is Actually A Real USB Flash Drive

Click Here to Watch The Video: “For Someone Special, Or For Yourself, 23 Unusual Gifts”

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this video. It’s definitely funny, yet you may find something here that you decide you have to have.

It’s not a particularly good video technically, and it uses photos and Camtasia-like screen captures for the most part.

But how can you not enjoy a couple of minutes of some of the most unusual gifts you can easily purchase, thanks to the internet?

Someone went through a lot of trouble to find and include some truly bizarre items. And I appreciate the humor behind each and every one of them.

From the ‘transformer’ mouse or flash drive, to the ‘girlfriends lap’ pillow, and everything in between. This video is a hoot and a holler!

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