America’s Got Talent, Meet Anna Graceman

Anna Graceman In Her Music Video 'So Complicated'

Anna Graceman In Her Music Video 'So Complicated'

Click Here to Watch The Video: “11 Year Old Youtube Sensation Is An Experienced Performer”

Last night, on America’s Got Talent, Anna Graceman caught Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan completely by surprise. Only 11 years old, Anna has a maturity that transcends her age, and the stage presence of a seasoned performer.

It’s no surprise to me, or to any of her many Youtube fans, as Anna has shared her songs with us for many years now. We already know Anna’s musical maturity goes beyond her voice, and is reflected in the songs she writes as well.

To showcase this amazing talent, I’ve chosen one of her own music videos, rather than a dubious copy of her performance on the show. The song is ‘So Complicated’, written and performed by Anna Graceman.

I don’t know if Anna can win this competition, though she has all my votes, but I’m certain she’ll win the hearts of the audience long before this season’s competition is over.

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