Google Releases +1 Button For Web Sites

Google +1 Diagram

Diagram Showing How +1 'Votes' Result In Social Media Recommendations

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Google Goes Social With The +1 Button For Web Sites.”

Before there was Facebook, Twitter, ‘Social Bookmarking” and other social media sites, Google pioneered ‘Social Proof’ in the form of Page Rank. By looking at a site’s incoming links, Google was able to provide the most relevant search results.

Well, a lot has changed over the years since then, but the search engines continue to look for ways to easily get our input for their results. That’s why every search engine out there has a toolbar they hope to entice you to install on your browser, and that’s also why social media has become so important in marketing a website.

I’m sure you’ve been to many sites that make it easy for you to share their site or pages by adding social media buttons. In fact, there is a whole row of them below this post.

By joining the ranks and providing webmasters with a Google version of the Like button, Google can get feedback directly on what pages people provided what people were looking for.

As with any social media button, you have to be logged in to your account to place your ‘vote’. But don’t let that deter you. This is your chance to reward sites that you think are good.

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