The First All-Electric Ford, The 2012 Focus Electric

2012 Ford Focus Electric

2012 Ford Focus Electric Is The First BEV Of Five In The Next Three Years

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I grew up in a Chevy household. I was told that f-o-r-d meant either “fix or repair daily” or “found on road dead”. Every vehicle my parents owned were made by GM.

On the other hand, my first car was a ’64-1/2 Mustang. It was 10 years old, and had definitely seen better days, but it was still a nice little first car. It was my first and last Ford, but honestly, the only thing standing between me and a Ford Escape Hybrid is about $32K.

When it comes to green, Ford has definitely got it right. First their hybrids, and now the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Focus, the first of five scheduled over the next three years.

I’m especially impressed with the “regenerative breaking” technology, that captures most of the energy from breaking to recharge the batteries while you’re driving. And one does a lot of breaking when driving around town, making a single charge last quite a bit longer.

Good job, Ford. I’m looking forward to the four other BEVs in your future.

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