Record Breaking Jump At The Indianapolis 500

Hot Wheels Car Gets Ready To Jump

The View From The Top As The Hot Wheels Car And Driver Get Ready To Jump

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Hot Wheels Record Breaking Jump – Boys And Their Toys!”

How many times have you heard it said “You had to be there?” I’m thinking this isn’t one of those times.

With several camera angles, including two inside the car, you see far more of this jump than you ever could have from the stands. Not that it wouldn’t have been cool to have been there. But had I been there, I’d still want to view this clip, and live the jump vicariously through the driver.

This video features Team Hot Wheels and the Yellow Driver, Tanner Foust. The jump, which took place last Sunday at the Indianapolis 500, broke the world record for the longest jump by a four-wheel vehicle.

The top of the special ramp is 90 feet above the ground. The driver comes speeding down the track using gravity to help build the momentum that propels the car into the air. The completed jump was 332 feet.

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