Google Shows Off Their Self-Driving Car At TED 2011

Driver Is Hands Off In Google's Self-Driving Car

Notice The Driver's Hand Isn't Holding The Steering Wheel!

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Take A Ride In Google’s Self-Driving Car!”

This is just really cool! Danny Sullivan–a rather famous name around the internet–got the rare opportunity to take a ride in Google’s new self-driving car. Lucky for us, Danny had his video camera along for the ride.

The modified Toyota Prius is a far cry from the slick Audi RSQ concept car Will Smith’s character drove in the movie I Robot. But unlike the concept car, this one really does drive itself. Although the route of the closed course was programmed into the car for the demo, the car would typically follow a route determined by entering the destination into the GPS.

I have to wonder, when will automakers wed this new technology with their concepts and move the self-driving car out of the realm of Science Fiction and into my garage?

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