2012 Beetle Revealed At The New York Auto Show

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Revealed, New York Auto Show, April 2011

Click Here to Watch The Video: “A Cultural Icon Reinvented – The 2012 VW Beetle”

Volkswagen has once again changed the look of the little car that made them a household name. You can still see the influence of the original Bug, though, through the sleeker modern lines. A cultural icon with a new level of sophistication.

Volkswagen went through a lot of trouble to create a very dramatic presentation for the auto show. In fact, you may recognize some of the elements from commercials that have been running since the Super Bowl.

I really liked the presentation of the cars on display. Without giving too much away, I recommend you pay close attention to the screens, especially when they come down. I actually watched this video several times to make sure I saw what they were doing. A class act all the way.

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