BLM Recreation: Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Lava Rocks And Juniper, Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Lava Rocks And Juniper, In The Oregon Badlands Wilderness

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Due in large part to Hollywood movies, most people think of a desert as endless rolling dunes of sand with the occasional lush oasis. But many deserts are far from barren wastelands, and actually teeming with wildlife, like the high desert of Central Oregon.

This video from Ivan Phillipsen, author of the Wild Pacific Northwest blog, takes us on a short tour of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.

As you can see, the high desert here is highly populated with junipers and sagebrush. The trees, both living and dead, are home to birds and insects, while the volcanic rock makes the perfect sundeck for local lizards.

Visit the BLM site to find out more about the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, especially if you are thinking about hiking the area.

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