Gaddafi Mercenaries Held By Rebels Speak Out

Libyan Rebels Detain Gaddafi Mercenaries In Converted School

Libyan Rebels Detain Gaddafi Mercenaries In Converted School

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Prisoners Of Rebels Prove Gaddafi Is Using Foreign Mercenaries”

The conflict in Libya continues, even though much has happened throughout the US and the world to draw attention elsewhere. It’s easy to focus on other problems as the globe gets pummeled with one natural disaster after another.

Still, the Libyan rebels fight to throw off the Gaddifi Regime is an important part of human history, playing out in our lifetimes. It deserves better than to be relegated to obscurity in our everyday lives.

Several men interviewed by the Al Jazeera reporter, Hoda Abdel Hamid, came from other countries, proving that Gadaffi did hire mercenaries from outside of Libya. Their stories of how they were trained, and what they were told to do, is difficult to fathom here in the relative safety and freedom of the United States.

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