Another Perspective Of The Japan Tsunami Effects

Diver Searches Underwater Wreckage

Diver Searches Underwater Wreckage, Tsunami Damage

Click Here to Watch The Video: “What Lies Beneath; Submerged Remnants Of A Deadly Tsunami” Sorry. This video is no longer available.

As you watch the divers move through windows and doors, as you view photographs and furniture, a boy’s shoe and a tumbled truck, it doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel possible!

But it’s not a scene from a Hollywood movie. It is real. And it is possible.

So many lives were disrupted that day, so many lives lost. It is easy to live on the other side of that same ocean and not grasp the magnitude of the devastation, the displaced lives.

And then images like those in this video remind us that life is fragile. Life is precious.

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