Mom Takes Snow Leopard Cubs Outside To Play

Snow Leopards. Mayhan And 3 Cubs

Mayhan Takes Her Two-Month Old Cubs Outside For The First Time

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Here Kitty, Kitty. Small And Adorable, Baby Snow Leopards At Zoo Basel”

Last April, Basel Zoo announced the birth of three Snow Leopard cubs. This week, they released video of the three cubs coming out of the den for the first time. The mother, Mayhan, has kept them secluded until now.

Watching the cubs play, it’s hard to think of them as anything but kittens. Until you look at their feet, and realize these kittens are going to get really, really big.

There is no audio with this video. I think it would have been better with a voice over telling us about the mother and the cubs. But then, coming from Switzerland, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have been in English and I wouldn’t have understood a word of it anyway.

The Basel Zoological Garden, more commonly called Zoo Basel, is Switzerland’s oldest zoo and considered one of the top zoos in the world.

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