If you Haven’t Met Maru, You Don’t Know Cat

Maru, About To Pounce

Maru Is A Male Scottish Fold Cat. Here He Is About To Pounce.

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Meet Maru, A Scottish Fold Male Cat Living In Japan”

There are a lot of online videos of cats. Yet every now and then, one cat stands above the rest. Maru is such a cat. He lives in Japan with his owner who is generous enough to share Maru with the rest of us.

Maru is a Scottish Fold, although he didn’t inherit the gene for the folded ears. He is intelligent, independent, playful and curious. And, apparently, he likes hamming it up for the camera.

You can count on seeing Maru at “the Zoo” again. With antics like these, and an owner who likes to share, there will be many more delightful videos to choose from.

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