Marine Park Tabby Nuzzles And Plays With Dolphins

Arthur The Cat And Thunder The Dolphin

Unlikely Friends, Arthur Rubs His Furry Face Against The Snout Of Thunder

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Unlikely Friends, The Cat And The Dolphins”

I found this video when it first went up on Youtube, and bookmarked it to add here the following day. But when the next day came, the video had been pulled due to copyright issues. When I found the current listing, I was reluctant to add it, in case it too would disappear.

Well, 3 million plus views later, the video is still there. So I think it is safe to add to Zoo’s Views!

The cat may not be ready to dive into the water, but he shows no fear of the dolphins. Quite the opposite, in fact. As any cat owner can tell you, the face rubbing indicates the cat feels safe. And using his paw to coax the dolphin closer proves these two have played this game before.

I’m not sure just when this video was taken, but I know where: Theater of the Sea is located in the Florida Keys, and is open year round.

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