Not So Golden Moment For This Golden Lab

Denver Makes Her Guilty Face

After Getting Caught Filching Kitty Treats, Denver Displays Her Guilty Face

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Grin And Bare It: Denver’s Guilty Face.”

Dogs, like children, react in many different ways when faced with the evidence of their misbehavior. Some deny it, pretending they have no idea what you’re talking about, looking up at you with big brown eyes of feigned innocence. Some run off and hope you’ll forget. But not Denver.

Denver just looks guilty as sin! Adorably pathetic and humble and “I won’t ever do it again”, (even though you both know she will, in a heartbeat.) As she walks off looking so dejected, somehow you just know she’s thinking “that was worth every bite!”

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  1. awww. poor puppy just wanted to have a little fun!

    • ZooKeeper says:

      She’s so cute when she goes all submissive, I don’t know how the owner kept from laughing while he was recording this.

      And every dog I’ve owned would rather steal the cat’s food than eat their own food. Must have a stronger scent.

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