Mom Takes Snow Leopard Cubs Outside To Play

Snow Leopards. Mayhan And 3 Cubs

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Here Kitty, Kitty. Small And Adorable, Baby Snow Leopards At Zoo Basel” Last April, Basel Zoo announced the birth of three Snow Leopard cubs. This week, they released video of the three cubs coming out of the den for the first time. The mother, Mayhan, has kept them secluded […]

A Day In The Life: Otters At The San Diego Zoo

Otters and Boy at San Diego Zoo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Playful Otters At The San Diego Zoo” Otters are fascinating creatures. I could spend an entire day at the zoo just watching their antics: the way they interact with each other, other animals, and with people. This video shows a little boy, maybe 4 or 5, who has attracted […]

Cincinnati Zoo Shows Off Their Baby Giraffe, Zuri

Baby Giraffe, Zuri, Cincinnati Zoo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Baby Giraffe Comes Out To Play For The First Time” On April 2, 2011, the Cincinnati Zoo celebrated the birth of their first baby giraffe born at the zoo in over 25 years. Little Zuri is now one month old, and able to go outside with her mom, Tessa. […]

Baby Girl Orangutan Is Born At The Houston Zoo

New Baby Orangutan For The Houston Zoo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Houston Zoo Birth Announcement: It’s A Girl!” The third orangutan born at the zoo, it was disappointing that the baby’s mother abandoned her. But the staff and volunteers are up to the challenge of providing the the infant orang with round the clock care. In order to integrate the […]

Playful Red Pandas Frolic Together In The Snow

Two Red Pandas Play In The Snow

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Snow Day At The Maruyama Zoo” Lily and Lyra are Red Pandas having a grand time in the snow, playing with each other, and generally acting like children enjoying a snow day. These delightful little girls look more like stuffed toys than living, breathing animals. They look very little […]