Adorable Otter Juggles Rocks For Fun

Cute Otter Playing With A Rock

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Playful Otter, Clown Prince Of The Animal Kingdom” Sorry. This video is no longer available. This is one of those cute videos that produces a feel good moment. Our ‘hero’ has chosen a good-sized rock to play with. You can hear people in the background, and the clip is […]

BLM Recreation: Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Lava Rocks And Juniper, Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Nature Hike In The Oregon Badlands Wilderness” Due in large part to Hollywood movies, most people think of a desert as endless rolling dunes of sand with the occasional lush oasis. But many deserts are far from barren wastelands, and actually teeming with wildlife, like the high desert of […]

BLM Recreation: Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

Bull Elk At Dean Creek

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Explore Oregon – Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area” This is one wildlife viewing area that won’t disappoint. Close to 100 elk call Dean Creek home, and at any given time, most of them can be seen from the highway. Just a few miles east of Reedsport, on Hwy 38, […]

Baby Girl Orangutan Is Born At The Houston Zoo

New Baby Orangutan For The Houston Zoo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Houston Zoo Birth Announcement: It’s A Girl!” The third orangutan born at the zoo, it was disappointing that the baby’s mother abandoned her. But the staff and volunteers are up to the challenge of providing the the infant orang with round the clock care. In order to integrate the […]

Looking Forward To “Wild Australia” Documentary.

Strange lizards from Australia

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Wild Australia Featuring David Ireland, The Wildlife Man” No matter where you live, the beauty and majesty of Australia is sure to impress. Toss in a world class wildlife host, unusual animals and native cultures, and you have an amazing documentary. This film is slated to be released this […]

Kayaking With A Basking Shark

Basking Shark

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Looks Are Misleading. This Large Shark Is A Filter Feeder.” As you will see by the end of the video, this is a big shark! That’s not surprising, though, as the basking shark is the second largest in the world. If you look closely as the shark comes into […]

Playful Red Pandas Frolic Together In The Snow

Two Red Pandas Play In The Snow

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Snow Day At The Maruyama Zoo” Lily and Lyra are Red Pandas having a grand time in the snow, playing with each other, and generally acting like children enjoying a snow day. These delightful little girls look more like stuffed toys than living, breathing animals. They look very little […]

Wild Lions In The Masai Mara, Kenya Africa

Lioness In The Wild