F4 Tornado Hits Missouri, Flattens Path Six Miles Long

May 22, 2011 F4 Tornado, Joplin Missouri

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Raw Video Of The Tornado That Hit Joplin Missouri” Nature has not been kind to the eastern half of the United States this year. Severe weather has caused massive flooding, extensive property damage and a staggering death toll. We’ve all seen the images of the aftermath: the indescribable scenes […]

Experiencing A Tornado Close Up And Personal

Tornado In Wilson NC

Click Here to Watch The Video: “In The Path Of A Tornado” I have to admit, the closest I’ve come to a tornado is watching Twister from the comfort of my living room sofa. This video got my heart pounding in a way the Hollywood blockbuster never did. Steven Hoag may have been staying calm […]