Plustek OF8200i: A New Toy-ool In My Photo Arsenal

My New Slide Scanner With Manual, Software And Carrying Case.

And it’s about time! In the years that I was using the Canon Elan IIe, I took thousands of shots on professional grade color slide film. In the beginning, I paid a local printing company to scan them on their high-end flatbed scanner. It really did a nice job, although it was too costly to […]

Google Takes A Shot At Social Networking

Google Plus Interface - Select Circles

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Looks Like The Rumors Were True, Google Takes On Facebook” You might say Google is an oxymoron. Always looking minimal and clean on the surface, Google is mind-bogglingly complex underneath. Google + promises to be a clean, uncluttered space, but with many layers of sophisticated complexity. Just the ability […]

Verizon Home Monitoring Service. The Future is Now.

Verizon Home Monitoring, Viewing Cameras

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Verizon Home Controls. Life Catches Up To Science Fiction” How many times have you gotten to work, and wondered if you remembered to turn the lights out before you left? Or find that you have to work late, and realize you have to walk to the front door in […]

The 2012 Ford Focus, With All The Bells And Whistles

2012 Ford Focus

Click Here to Watch The Video: “New Ford Focus Practically Drives Itself” Have you ever noticed that Ford puts out some good really good videos? This particular video is actually a 60 second commercial run in the UK. Like most 60 second commercials these days, it has been replaced by a 30 second variation. The […]

Super Cool Touch Screen Right Out Of Science Fiction

Large Touch Screen At Trade Show

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Life Imitates Art: Touch Screen a la Minority Report” If you’ve seen Minority Report, the touch screen in this video will look familiar. It’s actually a very thin membrane that is attached to a transparent surface, in this case a large piece of plexiglass. It has a long way […]

Microsoft Shares Details Of Next Windows OS

Demonstration of Windows 8 Interface

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Microsoft Windows 8 User Interface Sneak Peak” Just as I was finally getting used to Windows 7, Microsoft throws me for a loop. I’m one of those die-hard “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of people. While I have several computers, My main business computer is 6 […]

Sprint Commercial Gives Nod To Online Cat Videos

Cat Selecting Apps On A Sprint Nexus S 4G Phone

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Cats On The Internet? Where Did You Get That Idea?” Yes, I admit it, we have cats. (And a dog, too.) I get such a kick out of the many videos online of cats doing something cute. Not all of them are very good videos, but still a lot […]

Heartwarming Commercial From Google Chrome

Photo Being Added To Gmail Message

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Google Chrome Commercial: Dear Sophie” This is one of those commercials where they get it right: the right blend of product and benefits, and the right blend of techno-savvy and sentimentality. I’ve seen this on TV several times, and it never fails to elicit an emotional response from me. […]