Super Cool Touch Screen Right Out Of Science Fiction

Large Touch Screen At Trade Show

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Life Imitates Art: Touch Screen a la Minority Report” If you’ve seen Minority Report, the touch screen in this video will look familiar. It’s actually a very thin membrane that is attached to a transparent surface, in this case a large piece of plexiglass. It has a long way […]

The First All-Electric Ford, The 2012 Focus Electric

2012 Ford Focus Electric

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Go Green With Ford. The 2012 Focus… Electric” I grew up in a Chevy household. I was told that f-o-r-d meant either “fix or repair daily” or “found on road dead”. Every vehicle my parents owned were made by GM. On the other hand, my first car was a […]

UCLA Performs Their First Hand Transplant

UCLA Doctors Perform Hand Transplant Surgery

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Hand Transplant Is More Than A Medical Miracle To Young Mother” UCLA recently released this video of Emily Fennell, their first hand transplant recipient. Emily is a 26 year old single mother who lost her right hand in an auto accident, nearly five years ago. When UCLA announced they […]

NASA Prepares To Send Curiosity Rover To Mars

NASA "Curiosity Rover" Mars Science Laboratory

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Curiosity Rover. Animation Of The NASA Mars Science Laboratory” As a Science Fiction aficionado for decades, it is exciting to watch as real life today aligns with the fertile imaginations from the past. The artificial intelligence of androids may still be far in the future, but watching the Curiosity […]

Talk About The Weather! Wind Shear Over Seattle

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Time Lapse Photography Of Wind Shear Over Seattle” The University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department shared this video with KOMO, a Seattle TV station. This is time lapse photography showing the clouds moving in three directions at once as the wind blows North, South and East on three different […]