BLM Recreation: Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Lava Rocks And Juniper, Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Nature Hike In The Oregon Badlands Wilderness” Due in large part to Hollywood movies, most people think of a desert as endless rolling dunes of sand with the occasional lush oasis. But many deserts are far from barren wastelands, and actually teeming with wildlife, like the high desert of […]

State Park: Smith Rock In Central Oregon

Aerial View of Smith Rock State Park

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Aerial View Of Smith Rock Oregon, A Rock Climber’s Paradise” I’ve been to Smith Rock State Park many times, I’ve taken pictures there in three of the four seasons, got lost up there with my husband (before we got married, and I still married him…) saw my first rattlesnake […]

Cincinnati Zoo Shows Off Their Baby Giraffe, Zuri

Baby Giraffe, Zuri, Cincinnati Zoo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Baby Giraffe Comes Out To Play For The First Time” On April 2, 2011, the Cincinnati Zoo celebrated the birth of their first baby giraffe born at the zoo in over 25 years. Little Zuri is now one month old, and able to go outside with her mom, Tessa. […]

National Park: Crater Lake In Southern Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon USA

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Crater Lake, The Crown Jewel Of Oregon” Crater Lake National Park draws visitors from all over the world. And for good reason. Standing on the rim, looking down on the pristine blue of this large caldera lake will all but take your breath away. No matter where you stand, […]

If Animals Could Only Talk!

Sharing A Laugh

Click Here to Watch The Video: “A Walk On The Wild Side” From the BBC, Walk On The Wild Side is a comedy series which uses human voice-overs, music and sub-titles to add thoughts and emotions to clips of animals, birds and reptiles in their natural environments. Very, very funny!