Roses, Roses, And More Roses


All of these roses were taken with my Sony DSC-f717, before I bought the Rebel dSLR. The photos are all from the Owens Memorial Gardens in Eugene. There are public rose gardens all over the country, (in the US.) If there is one near enough for you to visit as a day trip, I certainly […]

My Front Garden In Photos


My Own Little Peace Of Paradise It’s pretty difficult to get any kind of garden growing in a yard that’s home to two big dogs, so my husband and I decided to convert about a third of the front yard into our garden. The motivation was, actually, to get a tree in the front to […]

George E Owen Memorial Rose Garden


I have a passion for landscape photography. I don’t particularly like camping or hiking, yet I’d pack up and spend a weekend in the wild any time, as long as I can take my camera gear along. So imagine my surprise when I discovered I had knack for photographing flowers. I still love going out […]

Another Dozen Roses


My Sony Cybershot Turned out to be a very good camera for closeup shots of roses and other flowers, with macro capability at the press of a button. The problem with changing from one camera to another–from film to digital, or point and shoot to dSLR–is one of experience. As you work with a camera, […]

One Dozen Roses


In 2003, I was still using my Canon Elan IIe and slide film. Here are a dozen photos of roses I took over the course of that summer. I had only come to realize I had an eye for floral photography the year before, so I spent a lot of time at the local rose […]

Another Perspective Of The Japan Tsunami Effects

Diver Searches Underwater Wreckage

Click Here to Watch The Video: “What Lies Beneath; Submerged Remnants Of A Deadly Tsunami” Sorry. This video is no longer available. As you watch the divers move through windows and doors, as you view photographs and furniture, a boy’s shoe and a tumbled truck, it doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel possible! But it’s […]

F4 Tornado Hits Missouri, Flattens Path Six Miles Long

May 22, 2011 F4 Tornado, Joplin Missouri

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Raw Video Of The Tornado That Hit Joplin Missouri” Nature has not been kind to the eastern half of the United States this year. Severe weather has caused massive flooding, extensive property damage and a staggering death toll. We’ve all seen the images of the aftermath: the indescribable scenes […]

Marine Park Tabby Nuzzles And Plays With Dolphins

Arthur The Cat And Thunder The Dolphin

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Unlikely Friends, The Cat And The Dolphins” I found this video when it first went up on Youtube, and bookmarked it to add here the following day. But when the next day came, the video had been pulled due to copyright issues. When I found the current listing, I […]