America’s Got Talent, Meet Anna Graceman

Anna Graceman In Her Music Video 'So Complicated'

Click Here to Watch The Video: “11 Year Old Youtube Sensation Is An Experienced Performer” Last night, on America’s Got Talent, Anna Graceman caught Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan completely by surprise. Only 11 years old, Anna has a maturity that transcends her age, and the stage presence of a seasoned performer. It’s […]

Weird Al Yankovic Is At It Again: ‘Perform This Way’

Weird Al Yankovic's Lady Gaga Parody 'Perform This Way'

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Weird Al Parody Targets Lady Gaga Hit ‘Born This Way’” It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Therefore, Lady Gaga should be very, very flattered at Weird Al’s latest parody. ‘Perform This Way’ is performed to the music of the Lady Gaga hit ‘Born This Way’, […]

Lauren Alaina Sings Her Final Song On American Idol

Lauren Alaina Hugs Her Mother On American Idol

Click Here to Watch The Video: “American Idol Finale Lauren Alaina: ‘Like My Mother Does’” Sorry. This video is no longer available. American Idol Season 10 has come to an end, and a new Idol has been crowned: Scotty McCreery. I didn’t watch American Idol, but saw Lauren Alaina on Jay Leno a few nights […]

Portland Oregon, The Bing Lounge, And Mat Kearney

Mat Kearny Singing Live

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Mat Kearney Live At The Bing Lounge” I know Mat Kearney, sort of. That is, I go to the same church as his mom, and I’ve seen him a couple of times on major holidays. That’s close enough, as far as I’m concerned, to say I ‘know’ him. At […]

My Own Guilty Pleasure: Listening To Josh Groban

Josh Groban Singing Galileo On Ellen

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Josh Groban Sings ‘Galileo’ On Ellen” Last week was “Guilty Pleasures Week” on DWTS, as each of the stars danced to a song they considered a guilty pleasure. That got me thinking, what are some of my own guilty pleasures, besides watching Dancing With The Stars: Euphoria Chocolate truffles, […]

A Cheeky Dance from A Different Royal Wedding

Fred Astaire In Royal Wedding

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Fred Astaire Dances On The Ceiling In ‘Royal Wedding’” Sorry. This video is no longer available. First, I’d like to extend congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine. I wish them every happiness in the world. The world, however, may have had enough of the media frenzy and hype […]

Happy Birthday To You, Bieber & Usher Sing ‘Together’

Justin Bieber and Usher in Happy Birthday Music Video

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Happy Birthday From Justin Bieber and Usher” This music video is an interesting mix of simple acapella and upbeat hip-hop, an unexpected blending of styles for a refreshing and fun sound. The video is less than a minute and a half long, but I found myself wishing it were […]

Google VP Manber On Instant Search, Instant Music

Demoslam: Udi Manber On Guitar

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Google Demo Slam: Instant Music” Google Instant debuted a few months back, adding instant changes to the search results based on what you type into the search box. This video shows Google Instant in action, along with the musical talents of VP Udi Manber. Who knew playing harmonica would […]