Interactive Publications For Photoshop Using Touch

iPad Controlling Adobe Photoshop

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Contol Photoshop With iPad Tutorials From DI Direct” Okay, this is cool. This is ‘Star Trek, Holo-Deck’ cool. A $2 iPad app that controls Photoshop as it takes you interactively through the steps to learn the latest techniques, as easy as point and tap. Sure, you still have to […]

Improve CS5.5 Performance With Solid State Drives

Karl Soule from Adobe Systems

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Get Better Performance For Creative Suite Using Solid State Drives” It’s obviously no secret that I’m a fan of Adobe products. Or that I’m enamored with many of the new features available in CS5 and CS5.5 releases, especially Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The fact of the matter […]

After Effects CS5.5 – Warp Stabilization Sneak Peak

Adobe After Effects Working In The Background

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Image Stabilization For Video In Adobe After Effects CS5.5″ Recently, Steve Forde–Senior Product Manager for Adobe After Effects–posted a sneak peak video showing off the new Warp Stabilization feature in After Effects CS5.5. Drag and drop easy, you can now make hand-held video clips look as if a dolly […]

Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 At NAB 2011

Ellen Wixted of Adobe Systems

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Ellen Wixted And Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 At NAB 2011″ Ellen Wixted, Senior Product Manager for Production Premium, was interviewed at NAB 2011 about the CS5.5 release of Production Premium. As well as a number of dramatic enhancements, the suite now includes Audition, previously only available as a standalone […]

Adobe System’s Creative Suite CS5.5 To Ship In May

Johnny Loiacono Details The Changes In CS5

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Adobe Set To Release Creative Suite 5.5″ Technology continues to move forward at lightning fast speeds and Adobe has been working on innovations within core programs of the Creative Suite lineup in an impressive attempt to keep pace. To that end, Adobe announces the mid-cycle release of CS5.5 to […]

Photoshop CS5: Puppet Warp

Yellow Dots Are Pins For Puppet Warp

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Using Puppet Warp In Photoshop CS5″ This short tutorial will show you how to use Puppet Warp, a feature new to version CS5. Our tutor uses a photo of a snake draped over his wife’s shoulders. Using Puppet Warp, he makes the head of the snake curve up, with […]

Photoshop CS5 Offers ‘Truer Edge’ Mask Technology

CS4 and CS5 Mask, Same Image

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Precise Masks Are Easy In Photoshop CS5″ Masking is one of the more powerful features of any photo editing program–to remove an unwanted background, to apply adjustments to a selected area, to fill an area with another color or a pattern–it all starts with a mask. One of the […]

Photoshop CS5 – Content-Aware Fill Saves Time

Content Aware Fill Feature in Photoshop CS5

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Adobe Photoshop CS5 – Featuring Content-Aware Fill” Nothing is more frustrating than to open an image you just know was the perfect shot, only to find something that shouldn’t be there, something you didn’t notice while taking the picture–telephone lines across the expanse of sky, someone’s foot at the […]