“The Mute Button” Surprises Visitors At Brooklyn Park.

The Actors For the Improv Event

Click Here to Watch The Video: “How To Silence A Crowded Park In Brooklyn.” Improve Everywhere performs an ensemble event at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum as part of their “stillspotting nyc” exhibition project. A group of actors play out a number of scenes near the northern entrance. The “director” cues […]

There’s Nothing Normal About A Normal Day

About To Catapult Three Spoons Into Three Coffee Cups

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Instant Classic – The Best Of A Normal Day” If you’ve never seen any of the “A Normal Day” videos, you’re in for a treat. Two students in Germany have combined their love of juggling with an uncanny ability to do the seemingly impossible. Thomas Becker and Sebastian Stahlhofen […]

Do You Expect Something For Nothing When You Pay?

Woman With Her Hairdresser

Click Here to Watch The Video: “You’ve Got To Be Kidding! Who Does That?” This video has been around for a long time, by internet standards, but anyone who has to deal with clients will find this entertaining. A friend showed this to me today, and I just had to share it with you. It’s […]

When Comedy Was Clean, A Not-So-Clean Skit

Red Skelton Playing Clem Kadiddlehopper

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Red Skelton Clem Kadiddlehopper Pooper Blooper” Ah, the early days of television. When everything was black and white, and censors kept the airwaves clean… But the censors couldn’t do a thing about this! This video clip is one of TV’s classic bloopers, as Red and Jack Albertson contend with […]