‘3-Way Street’ Highlights NYC Traffic Safety Concerns

Potential For Disaster In NYC

Click Here to Watch The Video: “The Best Argument For Using The New York City Subway System” Imagine a video snapshot of one intersection in one of the busiest cities in the world. What would you expect to see? Well, you don’t have to imagine it, as this video depicts the corner of 28th Street […]

“The Mute Button” Surprises Visitors At Brooklyn Park.

The Actors For the Improv Event

Click Here to Watch The Video: “How To Silence A Crowded Park In Brooklyn.” Improve Everywhere performs an ensemble event at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum as part of their “stillspotting nyc” exhibition project. A group of actors play out a number of scenes near the northern entrance. The “director” cues […]

Marine Park Tabby Nuzzles And Plays With Dolphins

Arthur The Cat And Thunder The Dolphin

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Unlikely Friends, The Cat And The Dolphins” I found this video when it first went up on Youtube, and bookmarked it to add here the following day. But when the next day came, the video had been pulled due to copyright issues. When I found the current listing, I […]

Experiencing A Tornado Close Up And Personal

Tornado In Wilson NC

Click Here to Watch The Video: “In The Path Of A Tornado” I have to admit, the closest I’ve come to a tornado is watching Twister from the comfort of my living room sofa. This video got my heart pounding in a way the Hollywood blockbuster never did. Steven Hoag may have been staying calm […]

This Gorilla Prefers To Walk Upright Like A Man

Western Lowland Gorilla Walking Upright

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Walk Like A Man, My Friend.” If Darwin were still alive, he’d take one look at Ambam, and declare him the missing link. Ambam, a Western Lowland gorilla, prefers to walk upright. He lives with other gorillas, but he’s the only one in the compound who chooses to walk […]

Gadaffi Allows Use Of Anti-Aircraft Bullets On Citizens

Egytian Doctor In LIbya Talks About Casualties

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Libya, doctor describes removing anti-aircraft bullets from patients 04.03.2011″ Sorry. This video is no longer available. An Egyptian doctor who came to Libya to help with the wounded discusses the kinds of injuries they are seeing, including the high number of people being shot with anti-aircraft ammunition. The doctor […]

Move Over Seinfeld, 5 Year Old Cutie Wants Your Job!

5 Year Old Future Comedian

Click Here to Watch The Video: “5 Year Old Decides To Become A Comedian” After declaring she won’t marry until after she’s got a job, this delightful little girl goes on to talk about becoming a comedian, and tells us of the hurdles she faces: She can’t write; she isn’t funny; she can’t tell stories, […]

This 5 Year Old Vows To Put Career Ahead Of Marriage

5 Year Old Declares Job Before Marriage

Click Here to Watch The Video: “5 Year Old Declares ‘Job First, Then Marriage’” This delightful 5 year old girl knows exactly what she wants, and what she wants is a job, then marriage! She doesn’t intend to be funny, but she is so precocious, so sure of herself, you can’t help but be entertained. […]