Vintage Recipes From The 1920s

Cooking On A Wood Burning Stove Was Common In The 1920s

A Glimpse Into The Kitchen Of The Roaring Twenties A long, long time ago, I came to possess a cookbook that was published in 1927. It was a one-off publishing of a fundraiser entitled "Selected Recipes Chosen by The Woman's Board of The Jackson Park … [Continue reading]

Digital vs. Film Photography

Double Delight Rose, captured digitally in 2007 and on film in 2003

A World Of Difference In The Resulting Images The only way to get a true representation of the difference between a digitally captured image, and a film captured image is take the photos of the same subject at virtually the same time, with the same … [Continue reading]

Another Dozen Roses


My Sony Cybershot Turned out to be a very good camera for closeup shots of roses and other flowers, with macro capability at the press of a button. The problem with changing from one camera to another--from film to digital, or point and shoot to … [Continue reading]

One Dozen Roses


In 2003, I was still using my Canon Elan IIe and slide film. Here are a dozen photos of roses I took over the course of that summer. I had only come to realize I had an eye for floral photography the year before, so I spent a lot of time at the … [Continue reading]

My Love Affair With The Camera

A Sampling Of Photos I've Taken In The Past Few Years

Long Before The First Digital Camera I started my on-and-off-again love affair with photography in high school, when I took my first photography class. My desire to work behind the camera never waned, to tell the truth, but my resources were … [Continue reading]

Life With Smidgen Today

Smidgen Likes Being Near Me. Here She's Lying On My Bed.

It's been more than three years since we welcomed Smidgen into the family. It wasn't really our intent to keep her, but we never found out where she came from. And I think all was lost as soon as we gave her a name. (If you haven't read the story of … [Continue reading]

Rescued: Smidgen’s Story

Smidgen Then & Now; What A Difference 3 Years Makes

Our Own Little Miracle Baby Smidgen is the last cat we brought into our family and it's hard to believe she has been with us for over three years. Smidgen's rescue is the most dramatic and, perhaps, the only true rescue of the lot. If I had not … [Continue reading]

Zoo’s Views Is Going A Different Direction

A Sample Of What The Future Brings To Zoo's Views

Zoo's Views has been first and foremost a place where I could put my mind to things not work related. Sadly, I have had very little time to devote to Zoo's Views over the past year and a half. That's about to change, but so is the focus of this … [Continue reading]