Record Breaking Jump At The Indianapolis 500

Hot Wheels Car Gets Ready To Jump

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Hot Wheels Record Breaking Jump – Boys And Their Toys!” How many times have you heard it said “You had to be there?” I’m thinking this isn’t one of those times. With several camera angles, including two inside the car, you see far more of this jump than you […]

The First All-Electric Ford, The 2012 Focus Electric

2012 Ford Focus Electric

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Go Green With Ford. The 2012 Focus… Electric” I grew up in a Chevy household. I was told that f-o-r-d meant either “fix or repair daily” or “found on road dead”. Every vehicle my parents owned were made by GM. On the other hand, my first car was a […]

Heartwarming Commercial From Google Chrome

Photo Being Added To Gmail Message

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Google Chrome Commercial: Dear Sophie” This is one of those commercials where they get it right: the right blend of product and benefits, and the right blend of techno-savvy and sentimentality. I’ve seen this on TV several times, and it never fails to elicit an emotional response from me. […]

Google Finally Introduces Music Beta

Selecting Music From Your Android Powered Tablet

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Store Your Music In The Cloud With Google Music Beta” Google announced the new service earlier today at the Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco. The service, which actually launched on Tuesday, is by invitation only at this point, but you can request an invitation at Google. It […]

Improve CS5.5 Performance With Solid State Drives

Karl Soule from Adobe Systems

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Get Better Performance For Creative Suite Using Solid State Drives” It’s obviously no secret that I’m a fan of Adobe products. Or that I’m enamored with many of the new features available in CS5 and CS5.5 releases, especially Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. The fact of the matter […]

Blue Yeti Pro Adds Analog/XLR To Desktop USB Mic

Rob Rives And The Yeti Pro Microphone

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Blue Yeti Goes Pro With Optional Analog XLR Output” Early this year, I realized I needed a better quality microphone than the one in my headset. I did some research, and came away very discouraged. The microphones I read about were way out of my budget. So I shelved […]

After Effects CS5.5 – Warp Stabilization Sneak Peak

Adobe After Effects Working In The Background

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Image Stabilization For Video In Adobe After Effects CS5.5″ Recently, Steve Forde–Senior Product Manager for Adobe After Effects–posted a sneak peak video showing off the new Warp Stabilization feature in After Effects CS5.5. Drag and drop easy, you can now make hand-held video clips look as if a dolly […]

I Did That: Safetycal® Everclear® Flap Tags

Safetycal Everclear Flap Tag Demo

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Made For Web Product Video, Produced By Call Of The Wild” Looks like my big secret is out. I don’t just love to watch videos, I create them, too. There is a big advantage to owning your own website: You can use it to brag! I just finished up […]