A Beautiful Woman. A Beautiful Life Cut Short

My Friend, Vanessa Reece

I know I’ve been absent from this blog for months, and I’ll address that in a future post. Today, I want to celebrate the life of my friend, Vanessa Reece, who passed away last Sunday at the very young age of 36. Vanessa is survived by a 15 year old son, as well as her […]

NBA Lockout To Start At Midnight Tonight

Billy Hunter, NBPA Executive Director

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Here We Go Again. NBA To Join NFL In 2011 Player Lockout” The scenario is becoming all too familiar. The league and the players unable to agree, resulting in a players lockout. The NFL did it earlier this year, and now the NBA is following suit. The League does […]

Another Perspective Of The Japan Tsunami Effects

Diver Searches Underwater Wreckage

Click Here to Watch The Video: “What Lies Beneath; Submerged Remnants Of A Deadly Tsunami” Sorry. This video is no longer available. As you watch the divers move through windows and doors, as you view photographs and furniture, a boy’s shoe and a tumbled truck, it doesn’t feel real. It doesn’t feel possible! But it’s […]

Gaddafi Mercenaries Held By Rebels Speak Out

Libyan Rebels Detain Gaddafi Mercenaries In Converted School

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Prisoners Of Rebels Prove Gaddafi Is Using Foreign Mercenaries” The conflict in Libya continues, even though much has happened throughout the US and the world to draw attention elsewhere. It’s easy to focus on other problems as the globe gets pummeled with one natural disaster after another. Still, the […]

F4 Tornado Hits Missouri, Flattens Path Six Miles Long

May 22, 2011 F4 Tornado, Joplin Missouri

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Raw Video Of The Tornado That Hit Joplin Missouri” Nature has not been kind to the eastern half of the United States this year. Severe weather has caused massive flooding, extensive property damage and a staggering death toll. We’ve all seen the images of the aftermath: the indescribable scenes […]

Network Breach Shuts Down Online PlayStation Access

Sony PlayStation Controller

Click Here to Watch The Video: “User Data Is Compromised By PlayStation Network Attack” Sony’s online PlayStation network is down indefinitely while Sony rebuilds the network. Sony has taken criticism because of the delay in announcing the problem as they waited several days after noticing the attack to admit the problem. From the looks of […]

UCLA Performs Their First Hand Transplant

UCLA Doctors Perform Hand Transplant Surgery

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Hand Transplant Is More Than A Medical Miracle To Young Mother” UCLA recently released this video of Emily Fennell, their first hand transplant recipient. Emily is a 26 year old single mother who lost her right hand in an auto accident, nearly five years ago. When UCLA announced they […]

Experiencing A Tornado Close Up And Personal

Tornado In Wilson NC

Click Here to Watch The Video: “In The Path Of A Tornado” I have to admit, the closest I’ve come to a tornado is watching Twister from the comfort of my living room sofa. This video got my heart pounding in a way the Hollywood blockbuster never did. Steven Hoag may have been staying calm […]