In The Path Of A Tsunami: Kamaishi City Japan

Kamaishi City, Japan, As Tsunami Hits

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Wall Of Water Brings Devastation To Kamaishi City” Mid-afternoon on Friday March 11, 2011, an 8.9 earthquake hit off the northeastern shore of Japan, about 80 miles East of Sendai, Honshu, Japan. Scientists say that this quake was nearly 8000 time stronger than the quake last month that devastated […]

Gadaffi Allows Use Of Anti-Aircraft Bullets On Citizens

Egytian Doctor In LIbya Talks About Casualties

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Libya, doctor describes removing anti-aircraft bullets from patients 04.03.2011″ Sorry. This video is no longer available. An Egyptian doctor who came to Libya to help with the wounded discusses the kinds of injuries they are seeing, including the high number of people being shot with anti-aircraft ammunition. The doctor […]

Ransacked Gaddafi Palace In al-Baida

Jacky Rowland of Al Jazeera Enters Bunker

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Bunker Found In Gaddafi Palace In al-Baida” With Gaddafi losing control of virtually all of Libya except for Tripoli, many of his properties have been vandalized and ransacked. Damage for the sake of damage is apparent inside and out, as a people oppressed act out their anger. Jacky Rowland, […]

Christchurch NZ – Earthquake, February 21, 2011

Earthquake Survivors, Christchurch New Zealand

Click Here to Watch The Video: “The Aftermath – Another New Zealand Earthquake” This is over six minutes of unnarrated video of Christchurch following the February 21, 2011 earthquake that hit South Island, New Zealand. This quake is considered by the U.S. Geological Survey to be an aftershock of the September 3, 2010 Darfield, NZ […]