Christmas Angel Photos

Copyright © 2002 Anita Cross, Call Of The Wild, Eugene OR

Angels We Have Heard On High I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve taken of my Christmas Angels. After all, Christmas will be here before you know it, or at least before you’re ready. The truth is out. I like to collect things. And among the things I like to collect are Christmas […]

How to clean your Silk Flowers

Simply Silk, Silk Plant Cleaner is available in 32oz. Twin-Packs

Clean and protect your silk flowers with Simply Silk. There are a lot of different silk plant cleaners on the market today, and a number of ways to clean silk flowers without using a commercial cleaner. Over the years, I’ve tried many things, but my all time favorite way to clean my silks is using […]

The Elegant Tall Bearded Iris


All but two of the iris photos above were taken on slide film with my Canon Elan IIe. Two of the photos were taken with my Canon Rebel XTi. Can you tell the difference? (No fair checking the copyright at the bottom of the images.) Whenever we can get away during the iris bloom season, […]

Roses, Roses, And More Roses


All of these roses were taken with my Sony DSC-f717, before I bought the Rebel dSLR. The photos are all from the Owens Memorial Gardens in Eugene. There are public rose gardens all over the country, (in the US.) If there is one near enough for you to visit as a day trip, I certainly […]

My Front Garden In Photos


My Own Little Peace Of Paradise It’s pretty difficult to get any kind of garden growing in a yard that’s home to two big dogs, so my husband and I decided to convert about a third of the front yard into our garden. The motivation was, actually, to get a tree in the front to […]

Man vs. Beast. (Or @#$%! We Hit A Deer!)

We Drove Home The Better Part Of 147 Miles With This Damage.

With our crazy schedules, it isn’t possible to visit Mom for the weekend. We have to drive up and back on the same day. So this Mother’s Day, that’s exactly what we did. We had a really pleasant visit with my husband’s mother. We brought her irises from our garden, and a nice new vase […]

George E Owen Memorial Rose Garden


I have a passion for landscape photography. I don’t particularly like camping or hiking, yet I’d pack up and spend a weekend in the wild any time, as long as I can take my camera gear along. So imagine my surprise when I discovered I had knack for photographing flowers. I still love going out […]

Plustek OF8200i: A New Toy-ool In My Photo Arsenal

My New Slide Scanner With Manual, Software And Carrying Case.

And it’s about time! In the years that I was using the Canon Elan IIe, I took thousands of shots on professional grade color slide film. In the beginning, I paid a local printing company to scan them on their high-end flatbed scanner. It really did a nice job, although it was too costly to […]