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Smidgen Likes Being Near Me. Here She's Lying On My Bed.

Smidgen Likes Being Near Me. Here She’s Lying On My Bed.

It’s been more than three years since we welcomed Smidgen into the family. It wasn’t really our intent to keep her, but we never found out where she came from. And I think all was lost as soon as we gave her a name. (If you haven’t read the story of Smidgen’s Rescue, click here.)

Much has changed since then: Three of our cats left this world to wait for us in the next one. Smidgen has supplanted Munchkin in the role of queen of the house. And all the cats are still adjusting to the newly remodeled kitchen.

Smidgen and Newman are best buds, and frequently play-fight together, often started by Smidgen.

She’s earned a nickname, too: “The Bullet”. No matter where you are going, within the house, she will beat you there. Think you got into the bathroom without her knowing? Look again, ’cause there she is!

Smidgen no longer protests being held, and doesn’t use her claws on those rare occasions when she does bat you. She’s learned to like a good tummy rub, too. She has grown into a very affectionate cat.

Speaking of growing, Smidgen weighed in at 4.5 pounds at her first vet visit, and quickly gained another pound with regular meals. She stayed 5.5 pounds right up until we had her spayed. Now she is about 11 pounds!

Smidgen – The “Undercover” Cat

I Wnat To Be AloneSmidgen learned a new ‘trick’ over the winter.

First, she figured out how to worm her way under the blanket, after I’d made the bed. More recently, she’s figured out how to get under the comforter we use in the winter.

The bed frame is pretty standard, but the mattress is one of those ‘pillow top’ things, and so the bed sits pretty high off the ground.

But Smidgen has figured out how to get under the comforter even with the bed made.

I have not seen her do it, so I must assume she stands on her back legs, pushes her head under the edge of the comforter, then climbs up the side of the mattress.

That can’t be good for the mattress!

Anyway, I look into the bedroom these days, and I often see this lump under the covers; always on my side of the bed, (of course,) and always about where my feet would go if I were sleeping.

 The Lump At The Foot Of The Bed

Here’s a photo of the “kitty lump”, although I think it’s more obvious in person.

Smidgen Under The Covers Creating A Large Bump On The Bed

And The Big Reveal

Smidgen Doesn’t Look Too Happy To Have Her Nap Interrupted.

Smidgen None Too Pleased At Having Her Nap Disturbed

Here’s “the look” she gave me moments later, after I peeled back both the comforter and the electric blanket to find her napping on the sheet. At least she wasn’t between the sheets! I pulled the covers back over her, and she went back to sleep.

Wouldn’t you know it, though, once I shared this with you, Smidgen started finding other areas of the comforter to climb under. I can find her “kitty lump” nearly anywhere on the bed, and just as often on Daddy’s side as mine. I don’t know if I should start feeling jealous of my husband or not!

Although, since the weather started warming up for Spring, she hasn’t been spending time under the covers. I expect I’ll find her picking it back up once the weather turns cold next Winter.

Who’s Office Is It Really?

Working at home, one of the three bedrooms serves as my office. Every day, I walk across the hall and start up the equipment that serve as the tools of my trade. The over-sized corner desk used to be home to a behemoth 21-inch monitor weighing half a ton. At least, it sure felt that heavy every time I had to move it.

Technology never stands still, and my current monitor is a modest 24 inch flat screen, leaving nearly as much open desk space behind as in front of the monitor. Of course, the cats think it is the perfect place for an afternoon nap.

One evening, I stepped out of the room for a bit when my husband came home from work and when I came back in, I had to kick No Way off my chair. But I didn’t see Smidgen. Until I sat down.

She was sleeping on the desk back behind the speaker and monitor. She wasn’t hurting anything, so I let her be. Then she rolled onto her back, and I grabbed the camera!

Smidgen, The Picture Of Comfort On My Office Desk

I had to set the ISO really high, and from a technical standpoint. It really isn’t a very good photograph. But she looked so darned cute, I just couldn’t help myself.

Shortly after this was taken, she realized I was up to something, so she moved. Then she sat up and started cleaning herself. What can I say? She is, after all, a cat!

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