NBA Lockout To Start At Midnight Tonight

Billy Hunter, NBPA Executive Director

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Here We Go Again. NBA To Join NFL In 2011 Player Lockout” The scenario is becoming all too familiar. The league and the players unable to agree, resulting in a players lockout. The NFL did it earlier this year, and now the NBA is following suit. The League does […]

Google Takes A Shot At Social Networking

Google Plus Interface - Select Circles

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Looks Like The Rumors Were True, Google Takes On Facebook” You might say Google is an oxymoron. Always looking minimal and clean on the surface, Google is mind-bogglingly complex underneath. Google + promises to be a clean, uncluttered space, but with many layers of sophisticated complexity. Just the ability […]

Still A Year Away, Disney Teases With Brave Trailer

CGI World Of Old Scotland

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Brave, A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups. From Disney/Pixar” Computer graphics are so sophisticated these days, it is possible to watch an animated feature and be convinced parts of it are actually live action. Based solely on about 60 seconds of the teaser, I think one will come away feeling […]

Andy Murray Makes Mens Quarterfinals At Wimbledon

Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Andy Murray Is Headed For The Quarter-Finals At Wimbledon” Wimbledon is in full swing, so I went looking for something from the recent matches. The Wimbledon channel was a bust, but I found this amateur video, taken at the match, that isn’t too bad. It shows Murray scoring match […]

Interactive Publications For Photoshop Using Touch

iPad Controlling Adobe Photoshop

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Contol Photoshop With iPad Tutorials From DI Direct” Okay, this is cool. This is ‘Star Trek, Holo-Deck’ cool. A $2 iPad app that controls Photoshop as it takes you interactively through the steps to learn the latest techniques, as easy as point and tap. Sure, you still have to […]

Feisty Feline Conquers The Cardboard Box

Maru, cat, and small cardboard box

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Once Again, It’s Maru: No Box Is Too Small” Maru is such an adorable cat. And Big! I wonder how a Scottish Fold would get along with the rest of the menagerie here, as my husband now wants one, since watching videos of Maru. This is a short video, […]

Verizon Home Monitoring Service. The Future is Now.

Verizon Home Monitoring, Viewing Cameras

Click Here to Watch The Video: “Verizon Home Controls. Life Catches Up To Science Fiction” How many times have you gotten to work, and wondered if you remembered to turn the lights out before you left? Or find that you have to work late, and realize you have to walk to the front door in […]

What’s On Your Wishlist? Bizarre Gifts Aplenty

USB Flash Drive, Cheetah Transformer

Click Here to Watch The Video: “For Someone Special, Or For Yourself, 23 Unusual Gifts” I’m not quite sure how to categorize this video. It’s definitely funny, yet you may find something here that you decide you have to have. It’s not a particularly good video technically, and it uses photos and Camtasia-like screen captures […]